Tribe_A Culture and a Brand United

Kanye Vimba Trading TA Myne Hause Interiors Stockist & Applicators (South Africa).

Inspired by the plains of Kenya and Tanzania, the deserts of the Sahara and the Namib, the jungles of central Africa, Gabon, Congo and the majestic highlands of Zimbabwe to the infinite coastlines of Mozambique greeting the sunrise in the east to the sunset over the Atlantic ocean of Angola: the Tribe brand was born.

Offering a range of diverse and exciting textures and artisan finishes; each Tribe Coatings can carry with it the originality, spirit, colour and texture of the diverse and ancient communities of Africa.

We evoke the power of these traditional societies by utilizing the collective name for these cultures and peoples and celebrate their distinguishing but shared qualities under one unifying brand and identity: Tribe.

United as one brand - inspired by one diverse continent.