Yoruba Beaded Nobility Chairs

  • A fabulous handmade, glass-beaded Nobility chairs from the Yoruba Tribe of Nigeria, Africa. These intricate chairs were reserved for nobility and crafted to preserve folklore and tradition as well as the king’s legacy. The wooden frames are layered with canvas fabric that has been hand-beaded with vivid, and often colorful, designs. Bright and colorful depicting plant and floral motifs, animal symbolism and geometric patterns. The repetition of pattern signifies the interconnection of all life and the flow of the natural world. Each piece takes days to construct and requires a high level of craftsmanship. Even with natural wear and tear, these chairs hold up beautifully over time and add an elegant touch to any space, indoor or out. These armchairs are in very good condition with little signs of wear. 


    H93 W67 D70 cm