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  • “bogo” mud/ earth
    “lan” with
    “fini” cloth
    ORIGIN: Beledougou, Mali   
    TRIBE: Bamana
    FIBER: Cotton
    Woven by men, dyed by women
    The white base cloth is soaked in a solution rich of tannic acid (using leaves and branches).
    Once a pattern is drawn onto the fabric, the negative space is filled with iron-rich mud, which was fermented for a year. When dry, the cloth is washed to remove excess mud. The yellow areas are bleached using a mixture of boiled peanuts, water, caustic soda and millet bran, then left in the sun for a week before washed
    USED: Men - Hunters' shirts or tunics
    Women— Important transitional periods in her life e.g. prior to the consummation of her marriage, immediately following childbirth, and finally as a burial shroud.