Bamun Currency Bracelet

  • This massive ornate copper-alloy (bronze or brass) bracelet is a form of currency found among the Bamum (Bamun) people of Cameroon. Though often identified as a currency type it also served as a prestige object available in most instances to elites within Bamum society. Featuring a complex series of patterns this hollow cast bracelet is decorated with concentric circles at both edges separated by a series of dots, lines. zig-zag patterns and a center section arranged as a complex interlace design. This massive, heavy and hollow cast bracelet is an extraordinary example of the skill of the Bamun bronze caster in casting a large metal form with complex design on the outer surface and a smooth interior surface with an open space between both surfaces. This bracelet reflects the tradition of casting in copper-alloys that was encouraged if not developed by Fon Ibrahim Njoya (Fon translates to ruler or king) who lived from 1873 to 1933.


    H17 W17 cm