AT THE BAR by D.H.Chiparus

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  • Pure solid bronze sculpture by Demetre H. Chiparus (Romanian/French, 1886-1947)

    Demétre Haralamb Chiparus was born in Romania, but lived and worked in France, being one of the most prominent sculptors of the Art Deco era. He started by creating realistic style sculptures in bronze ivory. His main source of inspiration were Russian and French dancers, stars and model of his time. In the spirit of the Art Deco era, he created sculptures that embodied elegance and luxury, transforming them into perfect decorative artifacts.


    He used the finest material for his sculptures and what is amazing about them is that he worked on the most minute details of the figures, making them as filigree as possible. The marble base gives a plus of elegance, completing the perfect design of the sculpture.


    H27 W7 cm